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Gas Grill Buyers Guide -How To Buy A Gas Grill

Well - first of all, forget anything you've heard about gas grills. There are lot of myths out there, and I'd like for you to really think about what I am about to pass on to you. It will make sense when we are done, and hopefully you can make a great gas grill purchasing decision. First, you need to decide how you like to cook on a gas grill. Do you like putting your meat on the grill and walking away until it is done, or do you like cooking things fast and hot? Do you cook directly over the flame, or indirectly? Once you have figured out what you want out of a grill, you're ready to go shopping. A lot of publications out there say to set your price point and then shop. That is not the way you should do it. First of all, you may not have any idea what grills cost these days. Second, you get what you pay for. As Benjamin Franklin used to say, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." If you follow my guide lines, you will make a more educated decision in buying your next gas grill.

Let me walk you through a typical grill purchase. A person goes into a mass merchant store and looks at a huge grill that has big warming racks, high BTU's, and a list of many other impressive features. They are trying to ... click here to read more



All About Gas Grill Features


Common Features and Advantages of Popular Gas Grills

There is nothing that anyone looks forward to more than a summer backyard cooking. If you are fortunate to have a good gas grill will see that gas grills have a big advantage for American consumers when it comes to ease of use. With just the flick of a switch you can immediately start grilling instead of having to wait awhile for a charcoal grill to light.

Another reason for gas grills being the dominant choice for most consumers is that there is relatively little clean up as opposed with a charcoal grill. A natural gas grill saves time. Lighting, heating, and cleanup are all faster and easier when you're working with a stainless steel gas grill. Also with gas you won’t have to refill the LP tanks. A natural gas grill can tap directly into your home's natural gas line. This means that your natural gas grill will not be a mobile as a propane grill, due to the fact that your natural gas grill will be fixed in its position. However the appeal of natural gas grills is that they won't run out of gas like propane grills do. When all is said and done, choosing which type of gas grill to buy is another matter to consider.

You can have built-in grills that are installed in metal carts or in outdoor grill islands. These outdoor grills are the best choice if you want mobility and optional grill-island installation.

The Stainless Steel Grills available today represent the perfect choice to cook your favorite recipes, and these types of grills are capable of taking your backyard cooking to the next level. The basic contemporary design of a many stainless steel grill include features like stainless steel burners, a center-mounted thermometer, heavy-duty casters, stainless steel work surfaces and an enclosed tank storage area.

You will find that there are a lot of grills on the market, from gas grills to charcoal grills, portable grills and more.

A standard gas grill will be the best choice for most families. These types of gas grills cost in the range of $300-$700 and come with multiple burners, enamel finish and stainless steel trim and accents.

If you have the budget for it, selecting a high-end grill will pay dividends for many years. Many premium grills include features such as all stainless steel construction, stainless or brass burners, side burners, built-in lighting, an infrared burner and a lifetime warranty. Today with stainless steel being very much in demand the price of even the basic gas grills has gone up in price.

For more information just click here to see a wide range of models based on available space and budget.

You can find basic gas grills without the stainless steel in the $100 to $250 price range, but you probably have to give up some features that some experts say are essential to a good tasting BBQ. The low-end models usually have thin porcelain-steel grates and they lack things like a smoker tray or a cart with 4 wheels for easy transport.

You should find good gas grills for around $500 that gives you long warranties on the burners, premium grates, side burners, grease tray, smoker tray, rotisserie tray, and the easy of use of an electronic igniter.

Many models in the $1000-$2500 price range feature heating capacity levels like 150,000 BTU, nickel plated cooking grates, cross tie ignition, casters for easy mobility, locking casters for increased stability, safety grips, slick finishes, roll top. Other features found in gas grills in this price range also include:
heavy duty stainless steel burners, 30,000 BTUs, a 12,500 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner, stainless steel flavor grids, durable 304 stainless steel construction, heavy duty 304 stainless steel cooking grids for perfect searing.

Many natural gas grills in the $2500-$5000 price range include built in rotisserie. Other features include sleek styling with seamless control panels, double-walled hood with warming rack, push button battery ignition, built-in digital thermometer with meat probe. These models also comes ready to be built into an outdoor kitchen island opening

When it comes to gas grills in the $5000 and up price ranges many have features that include: smart beam grill light, ceramic radiant technology, stainless steel grill grates, infrared rotisserie burner, grease management system. Other features on some models can include: Digital LCD multi-zone grill thermometer, multiple zone cooking, built in grill lights w/ auto turn off, push button ignition system, stainless steel E Burners. Many of these gas grills consist of a double burner on a movable cart.




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